How To Hard Reset Android Phone With Software

How To Hard Reset Andriod Phone With Software
Hard reset android phone with tools or software is doing, if the previous method didn't work, please see my post at How To Unlock Android Phone With 2 Keys. This method is very simple, with 2 keys your phone is back to normal.

For example in this case, we have tried to reset evercoss A5k with 2 buttons method but failed, so using another method, namely by using the tool.

Here we provide a way to me-hardreset evercoss A5K android phone.
1. use ADB Installer, I use ADB 1.4.2 - you can search in google and Driver Fastboot Xiaomi Gadgets = I use the USB Driver.
2. Run the ADB Installer, see existing orders, until the installation is completed. (in this case you simply press Y and Enter several times).
3. Xiaomi used when  driver usb  in your computer unknown.
4. run cmd.exe. type fastboot -w
5. Will perform waiting writing device.
6. Create  evercoss A5K into fastboot by the way, press the power button along with the volume minus (-), wait until the writing fastboot appears at the top.
7. Immediately connect phone to the computer using a USB cable (remember phone existing fastboot mode).
8. If phone usb recognized, waiting process devices, will immediately disappear and finish the reset process, but if the  evercoss A5K phone, unknown then you need to install the gadget using Xiaomi fastboot usb driver.

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