Blackberry Leap Still The Best New Smartphone On 2015

Blackberry Leap Still The Best Smartphone On 2015
It's rejection confidence that earlier venture strong BlackBerry has been having a tough era in latest living, with sizeable players including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft all successively to wrestle retain sway greater than of the business smartphone market.

However, this year the company has revealed symbols of life and posted a Q4 profit. The BlackBerry Leap is measured to continue this turnaround and is deliberate by BlackBerry as the definitive dealing smartphone.

In terminology of hardware the Leap is moderately anyhow armed by BlackBerry standards. The Leap comes with a 5in 1280x720 HD touchscreen, 4G LTE network bestow representing and a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM 8960 processor with 2GB RAM.

However, it's the Leap's security focused BlackBerry 10.3.1 in once-over living being that makes it interesting.

Offering a untouched user interface, robust encryption and management features and the BlackBerry Derived voice awareness check, the Leap looks comparable it could conscious one of the safest options for some affair handling open data.

BlackBerry has nonetheless to disclose when the Leap will get near in the UK or how a rotund total it will blame. Blackberry Leap is a new best smartphone on 2015.

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