Download Doc To Go For BlackBerry

Download Doc To Go For BlackBerry - smartphone-solution readers, this time I will share applications doc to go for blackberry covers PDF To Go, Word To Go, Sheet To Go, SlideShow To Go.
Download Doc To Go For BlackBerry
Download Doc To Go For BlackBerry

Doc To Go is an application to open files or office documents, such as doc files, xls, ppt and pdf. Doc To Go is a program office for the blackberries, which we know as the Microsoft Office on the computer.

The files are stored on computer drives can be added to the blackberry memory so that the presence of Doc To Go we can see the contents of the file in this office files Word, Excel, PowerPoint and file pdf.

Common today blackberries that have no application doc to go, especially those using os hybrid, because it usually Doc To Go application is removed.

But this time smartphone-solutions provides Doc To Go that can be directly installed to your blackberry, without the need for process re-install the OS again. To download please click the download link below.
Download Doc To Go For BlackBerry

How to installation:
  1. Extract the first file that was downloaded, the file will be found cod files. Remember where ekstracted cod files earlier. 
  2. Open BBSAK (if you do not have, please search at this blog and download), 
  3. Click the Modify menu, then click install cod file. Once the window opens, locate the file cod that had been extracted, select all the cod files by pressing CTRL + A, make sure all the cod files Doc To Go has been selected, then click OK, wait until the process is complete, which indicates the blackberry will restart automatically. 
  4. Blackberry alive again, then Doc To Go has been successfully installed and you can be used.

Good post Doc To Go is helpful, and good luck for you.

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