Collection Translator For BlackBerry

Below are some commonly used translator for blackberry, because the performance is very good and very easy to use and practical.

Navita TranslatorTranslator
very easy to use and uses 3 machine translator is google translator, google translator dictionary and bing translator. Vendor: Navita Technology.
Download Navita_Translator.jad Now.

almost equal to Navita Translator, an artificial FancyApps FancyTrans like FancySmile for applications in fuel emotion. Download FancyTrans.jad now.

One Touch Translate
Devoted translator just to translate an email. Translator So this only works on email alone. Vendor: The Jared Company.
Download OneTouchTranslate.jad now.

InterLecta Translator
How it works almost the same with Navita Translator.
Vendor: Interlecta OOD
Download InterlectaTranslator.jad now.

Same with Navita, just a different vendor, namely Prolog Inc.
Download ProTranslateLite.jad now.

Sentinel Xlator
Most of BB users using this translator. Looks the same as ProTranslateLite, the icon is the same.
Vendor: Sentinel Solutions Ltd
Download Xlator.jad now

That's 6 Translator that can be applied in the blackberries. Everything is free software. Actually there are many others but must be purchased. To be able to download translator for blackberry above list, just visit this link, and open via appwold on your blackberry.

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