Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Backup Blackberry Applications

In this post, we would like to share about storing or backing up applications on blackberry. Intended application is an application that is installed by use, not an application that has a package with blackberry os like blackberry messenger and others. In this case the application is called 3rd application

Prior to topics about how to back up applications on blackberry, here we first provide a bit of information, why the application needs to be backed up? The reason, if one day blackberry error or re-installed, you do not rush to re-download on the internet that will take a lot of time. You stay restore applications to the blackberry.

Here's how to backup blackberry application.
1. Install Desktop Manage Blackberry. This application is used in order blackberry can be recognized by the computer, Not for Backup.
2. Prepare BBSAK ie applications that are used for backup. If you do not have, please download it first. Click on this link.
3. Install BBSAK on your computer, the same as usual.
4. Connect the HP to Computer using usb cable, Open BBSAK, the first window will appear where you enter a password, this is filled if you use a password on your blackberry, if not, please leave blank and click OK.

How to Backup Blackberry Applications

5. BBSAK main window will open, as shown below.
How to Backup Blackberry Applications

6. Make sure the PIN is in conformity with the one shown in the window BBSAK. see the arrow in the image above.
7. Click the Backup apps button to start the backup process
How to Backup Blackberry Applications

8. You will be prompted to enter the name of the backup file, see pic below.
How to Backup Blackberry Applications

9. Click OK and OK, to start backup. see backup processing below.
How to Backup Blackberry Applications

10. Please wait until the process is complete (100%).
11. Your backup app, can found at C:\Program Files\BBSAK\Backup. See pic below.

How to Backup Blackberry Applications
12. You can move the folder into drive D or E, for safety. Because drive C is file system directory.

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