Saturday, June 27, 2015

How To Backup BBM Contact On Android 2015

Welcome to return comrades, in this post we will share how to backup BBM contacts in Android. Why need in the backup, so just in case, if you or your friend accidentally delete a contact in BBM, or maybe you had a boyfriend, which is super duper less work and do not want you to have a girl friend on BBM, who deliberately remove all BBM contacts.

There are actually many blogs that are already discussing ways how to backup or restore BBM contacts, but almost all the same, the way he backed up automatically to the server of BBM, that it's true, but for things like the above is accidentally deleted, it will automatically terbackup also to use BBM server BBID in this case is the email address you use in the BBM. the Backup would be 0 contacts also ???  accidentally deleted, the contact is 0, automaticbackup also 0 Contacts? What really true ??? This is all I can say because it has happened to the author himself.

Here's how to backup or store Contacts BBM on Android.

  1. Log in Backup And Restore menu, we use the OPPO Smartphones, Backup and Restore application default already installed, if you do not already have, please search in the play store, there is a lot there. 
  2. Notice in the User Application, check list BBM, under BBM written program and data. This means that you want to backup is the BBM program and the data of the BBM itself, including contacts, group and others.
    How To Backup BBM Contact On Android 2015
  3. Last select Start Backup, wait a while until the process is complete bakcup.

That way BBM Contacts Backup 2015 At Latest Android is good and right that better guarantee than BBM Contacts Backup Method In Latest Android 2015 in another blog that rely BBID server.

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